The Female Form

Cocoon (Bronze)
1993 60h"x 15w"x 10d"

Her posture shrugs in uncertainty of the female role in society. At this time she’s the soft, feminine beautiful example of the female form, as shown through the sheer dress she wears. Her strength as a woman shows through her inner reflective gaze. The gaze is down, not showing defeat, but in contemplation of the future in a cautious shrug - as if saying, Where do I go from here? What is my part in this life? She is not only the mother figure but man’s equal. She can be the business authority or the the soft flesh that you hold at night.

Daydream (Bronze) 1996 14h" x 60w"x 24d"


Reflection in Silver (Bronze) 1994
21h"x 18w"x 6d"

Spring Maiden - Stratton Spring
(Bronze) 1999 26h"x 24w"x 24d"
Commissioned by the Mineral Springs Foundation of Manitou Springs, Colorado

32 Weeks (Bronze) 1996 23h"x 16w"x 12d"

new images fall 2007

The Violinist